ThunderAPP Mobile Application Platform (ThunderAPP) is adopting industry leading cloud based consistent client mobile APP platform, using JavaScript & HTML5 language and consistent API standard across platforms (iOS/Android/WEB).it utilizes cloud based collaborative technology to develop, test,release, manage and operate full life cycle of mobile APP.ThunderApp uses its own patented core engine technology.With only one-time coding,it can deploy apps to different mobile intelligent terminals,allowing the apps to adapt different screen sizes and resolutions,different operating systems and different operating system versions.ThunerApp’s offers mobile information total solution through its’rich application templates,UI templates, function templates, and flexible backend service integration and security management system from Cloud to Client.

Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

ThunderApp IDE (Integrated Development Environment) provides an Eclipse open platform-based integrated development environment. It integrates project creation wizard, application template creation, code editing, code debugging, code compiling, SVN code management, online documentation and other functions, facilitating the development of apps. ThunderApp IDE also greatly enhances the efficiency of application development and debugging, by supporting real time preview, debugging emulator, one touch device debugging (multiple device debugging at the same time) and quickly generate local test kits and other debugging tools.
  • One time development, deployment to iOS and Android platforms at same time
  • Quick application creation based on templates
  • Quick page development based on templates
  • W3C standard integrated intelligent coding tips
  • Front page of single-step code debugging and real time preview
  • One touch device debugging and serial print run log
  • Quickly generate local test package

Cloud Application Development — CAD

ThunderApp CAD (Cloud Application Development) includes cloud applications settings, cloud certificate management, cloud code management, cloud module management, cloud version compilation and other functions. It and ThunderApp IDE together constitute the from-cloud-to-end integrated development environment. The development process and related resources are presented and managed by visual pattern, making client development more efficient and convenient.
  • Visual setting of application icon and display status
  • Visual management of iOS certification and Android signature file
  • Project code synchronization and log preview
  • Application modules preload and management
  • Cloud version compile and scan download
  • The front-end code encryption and compression setting

Mobile Application Management — MAM

ThunderApp MAM (Mobile Application Management) provides enterprise level mobile APP release and management platform, to solve more and more issues around enterprise application quantity and versions. It supports in-app incremental update and silent update (apps are updated automatically in the back-end, and unnoticed by the user) to enhance user experience, while improving the release and efficiency of upgrades. Own patented technology of push notification can support iOS and Android, which provides push within applications, can achieve good performance on push success rate, timeliness and arrival rate. It can support managers on operation and decision making, through the statistical analysis report and views generated by collection of basic application and daily operation data, to monitor mobile applications and business operation.
  • Unified version management
  • In-app incremental update
  • Intelligent cloud repair
  • Flexible push settings
  • Multi-dimensional statistical analysis
  • Visualized report display

Mobile Security Management— MSM

ThunderApp MSM (Mobile Security Management) provides enterprise-class security management strategy, the comprehensive mobile security strategy distribution in the transmission process, cloud services, mobile terminal, data transmission and service integration, for the comprehensive security assurance. It supports LBS geographic based protection strategy, for a flexible solution for BYOD, as well as for effective security policy like terminal binding, remotely lock and remote wipe etc. By covering core functions of MDM((Application remote failure, data erasure, jailbreak detection), so that enterprises can realize the safety management of mobile applications and terminal equipment without high cost license fee on per unit number license.
  • Secure authentication management of terminal
  • LDAP/AD-based automatic authentication
  • "4D" fence(Time, Space, Network, Status) security control
  • iOS Jailbreak and Android ROOT monitoring
  • Certificate-based enciphered data transmission
  • Remote application lock and unlock
  • Remote data wiping
  • Offline data security storage encryption

Service Integration System — SIS

ThunderApp SIS (Service Integration System) uses a non-intrusive design. Within an application, it can integrate functions among different systems and integrate a variety of database-oriented or service architecture-oriented application services. By simplifying integration between out-going APP and enterprise IT system, SIS supports fast integration in mobile APP side among various business systems. The adoption of open architecture design, support of dynamic cluster deployment, dynamic increase in the number of servers, and the use of data cache, can greatly ease the pressure on the server. The stable and highly effective service access is enabled by caching a flexible policy configuration, and being specified in the application development process (public, private cache cache).
  • The ability of the comprehensive integrated service: DB, SOAP, Restful etc.
  • Service registration and authentication mechanism to ensure the service safety
  • Supports caching policy configuration, improve service efficiency
  • Open structure design and cluster deployment
  • Support for document conversion, message docking and other functions
  • ACL-supported interface access control

Assist Management Module— AMM

ThunderApp AMM (Assist Management Module) includes the application overview, enterprise APP Store, user group management, member management and other functions and provides supplementary management capabilities for mobile projects. With the overview, the user can comprehensively view all of the application’s relevant information as well as a quick preview and operation. The built-in enterprise APP Store provides convenience for the distribution, centralized management and operation of mobile applications. The flexible user group management can match the enterprise’s current organizational structure and achieve in-app rights management and internal control. By inviting new members and making application sharing, it can achieve application sharing among project team members and flexible project management, thus improving development efficiency.
  • Enterprise application store, compatible with the third party application management
  • User groups and permissions management based on organizational structure
  • Unified application portal and application permission management
  • The assist on project management, project, and code sharing